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  • Founded in 1922;
  • 14 independent legal entity enterprises;
  • 15 billion yuan of total assets, 5 billion yuan of sales, 1billion yuan of profit;
  • The production of float glass ranks among the top five in China;
  • Has 3 glass units.
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    Founded in
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    Prefecture-level cities in six provinces
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    National patents



  • High borosilicate glass 3.3 is a glass with enhanced fire resistance- Oven glass panel

    High borosilicate glas...

    Product Introduction High borosilicate glass is a glass with enhanced fire resistance. It is not easy to burst under sudden temperature changes of 0-200 degrees. Take the glass panel out of the freezer and immediately fill it with water without frying. Single-layer high borosilicate glass products can be directly put into the oven and can be dry-fired on an open flame for 20 minutes. Borosilicate glass 3.3 is a type of heat-resistant and lightweight glass that can be used in many different ap...

  • Microwave Oven Glass Tray-Borosilicate Glass3.3 That Is Increasingly Popular For Its Excellent Strength And Heat Resistance

    Microwave Oven Glass T...

    Product Introduction Borosilicate glass3.3 is a type of glass that has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its superior strength and heat resistance. Borosilicate glass oven trays offer an exceptional alternative to traditional metal or ceramic cookware, allowing cooks to achieve the perfect results with their favorite recipes. Borosilicate glass is made from a combination of boron oxide and silica, which give it its increased durability compared to other types of glass. The co...

  • High-Quality Optical Lenses — Borosilicate Float Glass 3.3 Not Only Optimizes Your Vision, But Also Achieves Clarity.

    High-Quality Optical L...

    Product Introduction Borosilicate glass 3.3 is a type of glass that has become increasingly popular in recent years, due to its excellent thermal and chemical resistance properties. It is composed mainly of silica, boric oxide, aluminum oxide, sodium oxide, and other oxides. This specific combination makes it ideal for use in optical lenses as well as various types of laboratory equipment. Borosilicate 3.3 glass can be used as optical lens for cameras and other equipment.At the same time, its...

  • Cover Glass Carrier, Glass Slide

    Cover Glass Carrier, G...

    Product Introduction A cover slide is a thin, flat sheet of glass of transparent material, and the object is usually placed between the cover slide and a thicker microscope slide, which is placed on the platform or slide rack of the microscope and provides physical support for the object and slide. The main function of the cover glass is to keep the solid sample flat, the liquid sample can form a uniform thickness, easy to see under the microscope. The slide on the bottom is the carrier of th...


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  • Set a World Record

    Set a World Record

    FENGYANG TRIUMPH SILICON MATERIALS CO., LTD. has produced the largest borosilicate fire-proof glass in the world! FENGYANG TRIUMPH SILICON MATERIALS CO., LTD., which accumulates power to develop high borosilicate glass, reported that 3660x4800mm borosilicate 4.0 fireproo...

  • Borosilicate glass, Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

    Borosilicate glass, Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

    Entering the product exhibition hall of Honghua Company under Yaohua Group, a dazzling array of high borosilicate special glass and application products are dazzling. After years of research and development, the company’s leading product is high borosilicate glass, because the linear therma...


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